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Intro to WSN Clearview ECM desktop and mobile client applications is a beginner to intermediate level course designed to train users how to manage content using the WSN Clearview Windows Client, Web Client, IRISS and iOS Client software.

Topics Include:

  • Windows Client Overview
  • Using My Content
  • Searching and Viewing Content
  • Using iFolders
  • Using the IRISS Gadget
  • Using the Microsoft Office Plug-In
  • Using the iOS Client

Learn how to deploy and design an enterprise content management (ECM) solution for your organization.  Our product evangelist will show you how to design implement an information architecture solution using the WSN Clearview ECM platform.

Topics Include:

  • Installing WSN Clearview
  • Integrating with Microsoft SharePoint
  • Integrating with Kofax Capture
  • Information Architecture Design (Content Types and Metadata)
  • Creating Taxonomies
  • iFolder implementation
  • User Administration with Microsoft Active Directory
  • Configuring WSN Clearview Mobile Server

If you're considering enabling your business applications to integrate with enterprise content, this course is a must.  The WSN Clearview web services API is based on the popular RESTful architecture that is powering the integration of disparate software applications.  This course provides a solid conceptual foundation on which to architect and integrate any application with WSN Clearview ECM.  Our instructor begins with a general overview of web services concepts and best practices, and then continues to build upon each of these best practices and architectural guidelines by using examples that will help you to best take advantage of content stored in WSN Clearview.

Available: May 1st, 2016

Get up to speed with WSN Insight, the trend-setting knowledge management and business collaboration platform. Our Product Evangelist's review the interface basics then take you through a dive into the tools to help you extract tacit knowledge from members of your organization then turn it into explicit knowledge. 

You will learn how to:

  • start conversations
  • find the right participants,
  • contribute your influence
  • find and share supporting content
  • summarize conversations
  • work with conversation maps
  • publish conversations in wikis and blogs

Learn how to use WSN Insight as a key component for empowering employees and creating a solid foundation for a consistently satisfying customer experience.  To attract and retain more customers, brands must provide fast and consistent product, service and support information across all major engagement channels including phone, email, website, live chat, social, mobile and more.

Topic include:

  • Greater efficiency and effectiveness
  • Higher customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Noted deflection of repetitive questions via phone and email
  • Greater self-service adoption and more

Organizational change can be a double-edged management concept for any organization and this course on knowledge management (KM) strategies and best practices with WSN Insight explores the advantages and pitfalls.

Topics Include:

  • Why Colleagues Resist Change
  • Knowledge Sharing Advantages
  • Organizational Culture
  • Cross Functional Team Building

After exploring the interface and collaboration features of WSN Insight in the "Up and Running with WSN Insight" course our Product Evangelist shows takes you backstage to administer the application.  You will learn how to, create Meeting Spaces, configure messaging, configure taxonomies, setup user skills repository link Microsoft SharePoint sites, and much more.

Topics include:

  • Meeting Spaces Administration
  • Taxonomy Administration
  • Microsoft SharePoint Integration

This course has been developed by The National Alliance's for Insurance Education & Research who's goal is to provide insurance & risk management professionals of every experience level with integrated, practical continuing education, timely research, and designation opportunities-advancing the profession through education.

This course is designed to help you develop the knowledge to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable in all areas of managing risks, hazards, and exposures.

Xtreme Verify Essentials for address verification and geocoding

WSN Clearview Partner training for Imnet staff members. 

Topic in this course:

  • WSN Clearview ECM Client Training
  • WSN Clearview ECM SSA Demo Guide

Via Google Translate:

La formation WSN Clearview partenaire pour les membres du personnel IMnet .

Topic à ce cours:

  • Formation Client ◦WSN Clearview ECM
  • WSN Clearview ECM Guide de la démo SSA

Self paced instructional videos designed for University Program Administrators to quickly get up to speed on how to use the COA Access Portal to submit accreditation forms.

Available Courses:

  • Using the Self Study Form

New courses are added as new features and functions are added to the new COA Access Portal.

Self paced instructional videos designed for COA Reviewers to quickly get up to speed on how to use the COA Access Portal to review accreditation forms.

  • Available Courses: Using the Self Study Form

New courses are added as new features and functions are added to the new COA Access Portal.

This course contains a series of self paced training videos for COA Staff members to learn how to use the COA Access Portal.

This course provides and introduction to knowledge management (KM) methodologies and collaboration concepts. It provides the student with the most common challenges organizations face when building a KM practice. It introduces the student to common KM terms and collaboration concepts.  It provides examples how WSN Insight provides a solution to these and other KM and collaboration challenges.

Dual Commercial - XtremeGIs Demos

Web meeting with FM Global to demonstrate the data and services offering from XtremeGIS

Recorded web cast of WSN Insight for Lutz Lemmer KM Consultant with Transport for London.

WSN Presenters:

  • Jason Poskanzer
  • Lester Pierre

Recorded on: January 20, 2016 at 11:00a EST via GoToMeeting